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Training Log #7 by David Train - Water for Coffee Brewing

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My roaster and I feel we have found the best profile on the Ikawa possible for this coffee. We have decided to use the Ikawa purely for it being cost-effective. But in saying that it costs AUD$9.20 every time we roast a 40g.

Now the question is where do we go?

I feel I know the coffee intimately enough now to start experimenting to find the best brew recipe.

I know this coffee is super soluble and does not need a lot of help to extract. So in saying that I know that I will need a lower (softer) mineral content water, faster brew time, and lower water temperatures.

My water recipe for this coffee is very soft, consisting of:

• 30PPM Mg (Magnesium)
• 30PPM Ca (Calcium)
• 10PPM KHCO3 (Potassium bicarbonate)

I purchased these minerals through a business here in Australia which has a guide on how to create the concentrate.

Magnesium is known to highlight fruits and florals. But when unbalanced will lead to high astringency. Using such a small amount is necessary as this coffee has a very unbalanced vinegary acidity. This small amount allows me to tame and exhibit acidity.

Calcium will help with body and mouthfeel. But in too high amounts will lead to a chalky mouthfeel, and muted acidity. This coffee has a huge mouthfeel and body, so again having a smaller amount of calcium helps showcase the mouthfeel without making it the dominant characteristic.

The bicarbonate is to bind the acids together and give the coffee structure.

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