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April Athlete: Giorgio Visitacion

Posted by Patrik Rolf Karlsson on

Right after my first experience in drinking speciality coffee, it automatically sparked my interest to learn more about this beverage. My journey started back in the farm level as I enrolled for a basic coffee farm introductory course two years ago and this was followed by a basic barista course, after taking these basic courses in our country, I pursued taking SCA-Training Courses in Singapore to learn more and to prepare myself before working behind the bar as a barista.

I together with 2 individuals launched a speciality coffee company with an objective of sourcing high-quality raw material locally and importing green coffee beans from some of the best coffee farms, and serve these coffees in our community. I am currently the roaster, green-bean buyer, quality director of The Good Cup Coffee Company. Joining this competition is pushing me to test the limits of my philosophy in coffee at a different level while learning from the process and I am also dedicating this hard work to my best friend, John.